RGX 2.0 Valorant latest Released Skins : RGX 11z PRO 2.0 Bundle

RGX 2.0: As we know that these days one of the most popular FPS games is Valorant. Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter game in which different agents have unique abilities. It is a mixture of both Overwatch and Counter-Strike, and one thing that makes it special is the skins that the game has.

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RGX 2.0 Bundle

When it comes to skins and in-game items, Valorant is the best among all the games. Most people say that the premium skins in Valorant are Pay to Win. It’s true to some extinct, but not wholly. The skins can give you a better feel of the game, but they will not improve you in the game.

RGX 11z Pro Bundle is one of the most popular bundles among all the skins introduced in the game. Its uniqueness is that the kills you take using this skin will reflect on the back of the game. This skin has Kill Counter, which one other valorant skin has in-game. And also, complete animation of holding a Katana Mele is introduced with this Bundle.

All the skin prizes of RGX 11z Pro Bundle

This Bundle consists of a Vandal, Stinger, Guardian, Frenzy, Katana Melee weapon, some sprays, and player cards.

All gun skins (Vandal, Stinger, Guardian, Frenzy): 2175 VP If bought separately)

Katana Mele Weapon: 4350 VP (If bought separately)

Sprays: 325 VP (If purchased separately)

Player Card: 375 VP (If bought independently)

Total bundle price 8700 VP (If bought separately)

RGX 11z Pro 2.0 Bundle

After the success of the first Bundle of RGX, the Valorant devs decided to give another version of the heap. They provided a butterfly with the Bundle in Melee Weapons, a highly demanded skin in Valorant. This Bundle is a fantastic mixture of RGB colors and incredible VFX.

A very popular data miner, xtr_cs, recently leaked these skins on their youtube channel, but there was no official confirmation for the Bundle by Riot Games. But after some days, the entire Bundle was revealed, and Riot Games officially confirmed that they would provide a New RGX 2.0 bundle.

Which gun skins will get released in RGX Pro 2.0 Bundle?

This Bundle was highly in demand, and people were excited to get the Bundle. RGX 11z Pro 2.0 has an Operator, Phantom, Classic, Spectre, and a Butterfly Melee Knife. There will be four variants or colors on these skins and the Kill Counter Upgrade, which became entirely after RGX Pro Bundle.

RGX 11z Pro 2.0 Bundle has a base color or variant, Green, and there are other three colors: Yellow, Blue, and Red.

Each variant has a different VFX, like blue, yellow, purple, and white VFX, and the red variant has White, red, purple, and yellow, and the Yellow one has orange, yellow, purple, and cyan.

How much does the RGX 11z Pro 2.0 Bundle cost?

Many must have one question: How much does the RGX 11z Pro 2.0 Bundle cost. Similar to the recent Bundle, which has a Vandal, Guardian, Frenzy, Stinger, and a Katana Melee, All of these skins represented in the RGX 11z Pro 2.0 bundle are entirely identical, which is :

All the Gun Skins: 2175 VP

Butterfly Melee Skin: 4750 VP

Spray: 325 VP

Player card: 375 VP

Total Bundle Cost: 8700 VP

The complete Bundle costs 8700 VP, which is around 87Us Dollars if we calculate in Real life currency.

RGX 11z Pro 2.0 All Upgrades

Each skin has an upgrade that will cost you Radianite Points which are way costlier than the Valorant Points if you buy them from the In-Game Store. It will take 15 Radianite Points to upgrade a skin to the next level.

All the Upgrades of the Guns

Level 1: In level 1, it will provide you with a Custom skin model in the base variant Green.

Level 2: Level 2, you will acquire muzzle flash, firing effects, and animation

Level 3: And in the Level 3, if will give you the sound of the gun and VFX. Inspecting effects in which the colors of the LEDs will change once you inspect the weapon.

Level 4: You will get a Kill Banner and a Finisher in Level 4.

Level 5: Level 5 will provide you with a Kill Counter. What will show all the kills you did throughout the match on the back of the skin.

There are three different variants rather than the green Base variant.

Red Variant: In this variant, all the colors changed after inspecting are white, red, purple, and yellow.

Blue Variant: In this variant, all the colors changed after inspecting are blue, yellow, purple, and white.

Yellow Variant: In this variant, all the colors changed after inspecting are yellow-orange, yellow, purple, and cyan teal.

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All the upgrades to the Butterfly Melee

Level 1: In Level 1 of the Melee, you will get a custom Melee Weapon Model.

Level 2: Level 2 consists of all the VFX and colors changing during the inspection. Before switching to a single color, it will run through all the colors while inspecting.

The Knife also has four variants similar to all the gun skins.

When will the RGX 11z Pro Bundle will be released?

If you guys are wondering when the RGX 2.0 Bundle will get released in-game, the Bundle will be released in the latest patch, 4.08. An Act will also start in this patch, and a New Battlepass will get launched.

Valorant officially uploaded a trailer for the skin bundle on the 27th of April. Before that, all the leaks and Confirmation came through Twitter and data miners.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When will the RGX 2.0 Bundle get released?

The Bundle will get released with the latest patch 4.08 and will be presented on the market after the current bundle timing expires.

How much will RGX 2.0 cost?

The RGX 2.0 will cost around 8700VP, and if you buy all the skins separately, each skin has a diffrent price, like the gun is 2175vp, The Knife will cost 4750 VP.

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