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As we know that these days everyone likes to watch movies, webseries, TV, Sports etc. on their mobile devices but most of the apps that provide all of these things are mostly paid, and most people don’t like to spend on their subscription-based plans and want all these things for free. We will provide you all details related to Picasso App.

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Picasso App comes in aid for all these requirements of the people. It provides News, Movies, TV, Sports, Web series and other entertainment sources for free. In this AppApp, you can find out over a variety of diffrent national and international channels, which are live 24/7.

If you don’t have a subscription for any paid application, you can download and install Picasso App on your Android Device; You can enjoy and variety of diffrent movies and tv shows without any problems. In this article, we will provide you with all the information related to Picasso App. We will also tell you how you can download it, and we will offer a direct download link to you.

Here on Picasso Apk, you can find diffrent categories of movies and web series. You can watch Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu and other films and webseries. Here you can also watch TATA IPL 2022 and watch different sports like Football, Basketball and other sports.

You must have a question in mind that is this Picasso Application safe to use or not? And the answer to that is Yes, Picasso is entirely free and safe to use. If you have other questions in mind, you can read the article till the end.

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What is Picasso App?

It is an app that provides all the entertainment sources like movies, webseries, tv, sports etc., completely free of cost. Who created this AppApp to give a maximum number of people the entertainment dose they need, and this AppApp is free, So more and more people tend to use it daily.

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If you are a cricket fan, then you must know IPL. It is the best T20 league in the entire world, and its fan base is quite huge and mostly every Indian watches IPL. You can easily watch TATA IPL 2022 Picasso App without problems.

It is straightforward to access, and you can easily download it without much hassle. App provides you with entertainment from diffrent categories like Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu and many others. This does not consume much data, so you can easily watch anything without worrying much about your data consumption.

Picasso Apk Features

So far, we have informed you all about Picasso Apk, and now you must be wondering what features of this AppApp make it so desirable for most people and why most people download this AppApp. You can learn about all the features it offers by reading the article below.

Stream Flowing

The first and foremost feature it offers you is the streaming by Picasso streaming feature. You can watch and stream movies and shows of your personal choice anytime and anywhere.

With this feature, you can get entertained free of cost, but if you want to go to any other source like Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hotstar, you have to pay for their subscription plans. So the best option for you guys is to have Picasso App.

If you want to download this AppApp with just one click, you can use the above button. If you’re going to download it manually from the website, you can find that down below in this article.

Watch different movies and shows.

This App offers you to watch different kinds of movies and shows, and here you can get movies and presentations related to every category, from Action to Comedy.

Picasso provides all the movies and shows content in HD and high quality, ranging from 480p, 720p, and 1080p. You can watch all of them and also download them.

It provides you with all the latest released movies and shows and live tv. Where you can watch them, and you can also download them without any problem.

Supported Outdoor Toy

If you want to download the movies and show them instead of streaming them online, you can easily do that on this AppApp without hassle or paying anything.

Once you download the movies or shows of your choice, they will appear on the internal storage of your mobile device, and you can run them through different Media Players.

Picasso also has an inbuilt media player, allowing other outdoor media players to watch your download movies and shows. You can use media players like VLC, Mx player and many others.

Download Video Free

You can watch movies and shows online for free on the Picasso apk, but you can also do that if you want to download them instead of watching them. The AppApp doesn’t charge anything to download files directly on your device.

Free Live TV

If you want to watch Live TV, the Picasso app can also help you. Here you can watch various national and international channels on your mobile phone without paying any changes to the App.

Here on this AppApp, you can easily enjoy movies, shows, webseries, sports, news, lifestyle and many other categories of the live channel, which streams 24/7 on the AppApp.

Sports that you can watch live on Picasso APK

  1. Tata IPL 2022
  2. Cricket World Cup
  3. T20 World Cup
  4. Women’s World Cup
  5. Football
  6. Volleyball
  7. Tennis
  8. WWE
  9. Hockey
    Many Others

Unlimited TV channels

In this free application, you get unlimited TV channels that stream content 24/7, and you can also watch different TV shows and movies on them for free on this App.

No Registration

Watch and stream download movie shows on this AppApp; you don’t have to register on the App and also, and you don’t have to login through any of the external sources.

Watch TATA IPL 2022

Here on the Picasso App, you can easily watch the ongoing TATA IPL 2022. It is one of the world’s best t20 leagues. You can also watch other sports like Football, Tennis, Basketball, WWE and many others.

Why do you need Picasso App?

Many of you must be wondering why you want this AppApp for. As we mentioned earlier in the article, this AppApp is entirely free to use, and it provides a variety of content that is ready to be downloaded, and you can also watch it online. Here you can find Hollywood, Bollywood, News, Sports and many more entertainment sources.

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All you need to have to use this application is a mobile device and a 3g or 4g internet connection which is uninterrupted. You can download the App, and then you can access various movies and tv show collections presented in front of you. You need to pay for the subscription on this AppApp as other apps have.

In our opinion, this AppApp is one of the best for delivering online content for free. This App also allows you to download movies and shows directly on your device.

Pros and Cons of Picasso App

Moving further now, we will tell you about some Pros and Cons of the Picasso Application. You must first read the Pros and Cons and then decide whether you want to download it.


  1. You don’t have to complete any process to download the movie or show of your choice. You can download it with one click and then what will save it on your device storage.
  2. After downloading the Picasso apk, you will have access to unlimited entertainment sources. It contains a total amount of movies and shows ready to be watched.
  3. You don’t have to face any ADs to download this apk, and You can download it through our website.
  4. This App will provide everything you need to complete your entertainment desires.


  1. This application is not available on Google Play Store, due to which it is pretty dangerous to download it from a third-party website. You can use the download button Provided above to download it directly.
  2. Once you have downloaded this application successfully, it will not show any notification to update the AppApp. You have to update the AppApp manually.
  3. Remember that you do not download it in the APK format; otherwise, it will start stealing data from your device.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can Reviewtown.me provide a 100% guarantee of the security of the Picasso App?

Before updating any application, we first scan and check whether they are secure or not for the users. If it passes the scan and checkup, we update it on our website.

Can we update the apk if we download it from reviewtown.me?

Yes, you can update the application directly from Google Play Store if it’s available over there, and It also allows updates from the play store. You can edit with one click with Play Store.


If you download an application from a third-party app, you must first scan that file and see that it contains viruses or other things that can be harmful to your device. We informed you of all the details related to the Picasso App, but still, if you want to ask anything specific, you can use the comment feature provided on our website.

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